Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Finding a rocking car deal!
  2. Getting an iphone 4s... I LOVEEEEE  simply can not express my love enough for this cute little bundle of joy
  3. Getting some great news about Body Attack, most likely I will be the program director for SVU next semester which means... I get to go through BodyFlow training for FREE woop woop!  And I am working on getting a training for students interested in becoming instructors!  
  4. Getting a cheesecake factory gift card and a whole box of omaha steaks for my birthday... people know me so well :)
  5. Nick walking around with me for 12 hours trying to find the "perfect' pair of boots.  I have a keeper I know :)
  6. Eating Oreo cheesecake for lunch cause its my bday weekend
  7. My 11 year old niece making this cute video for my birthday   
  8. Getting 3 dresses at Ann Taylor for less than $20 each!!!!!!!  hecka yes!

  1. Nick's house not having heat for a week, so we go over for him to grab shower stuff to take to my house.  I am wearing fUggs, pink pajama pants, a navy blue peacoat with a big furry hood, a pink floppy hat that my wet shower hair was swallowed in and black gloves... I lay down to play with Gia (Nicks foster cat) and the next thing I know Nick is shaking me telling me its 3 in the morning!!!  we both had conked out in a 30 degree house dressed like hobo's   with me cuddled up next to a cat and two random smelling candles we were using for light  hahahahaha!  I laughed so hard when i finally became conscious 
  2. Having the rockin car deal tell me that someone else made him an effing offer and i would need to wait until Saturday to see if they bought it... uhm no... that is not how this works... if there is no deposit the car should be free game.. So everyone pray that these other people decide they don't want the best car deal in the entire world... deal?? (This isn't very awkward more just makes me pissed beyond belief)
  3. having a realator take pictures of your house... so basically any random person will know exactly what electronics I  have in my house and which room i sleep in AWESOME... NoT!   gahhh I will be so happy the day I do not have to rent 
  4. Nick confessing that he has blamed more than one fart on the cat I have actually believed him...  oh my life   (I apologize for always talking about farting but it really does make me awkward when it happens and with Nick it usually happens once a week haha)

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  1. So glad I ran across your blog! Its so cute!