Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I love about him

I have not had a mushy post in a long time so I figured I should share some of the adorable things I love about Nick

  1. He covers my eyes during scary scenes and if animals die in movies.... also if there is an attractive shirtless man *cough Dr Pepper commercial cough*
  2. I will catch him cuddling with my cat before he goes to sleep.. he says that she looked sad... mmhmm 
  3. He is OK with my picky restaurants tastes... I pretty much have four favorites
  4. Sometimes I will catch him watching me put on my make up
  5. He always knows when something is wrong... and he knows that a back hug and a kiss usually is all I need 
  6. He will massage my back cramps away and doesn't judge me for wanting chocolate chip cookies at noon
  7. He loves to hold my hand in the car
  8. He ALWAYS opens my car door for me
  9. He would spend his last penny to buy me a pair of shoes I wanted
  10. He makes excellent pancakes
  11. He always puts the seat down
  12. He will warn me if he sees road kill so I don't get depressed
  13. Doesn't mind that I have to paint my nails the second they chip
  14. He uses my body wash (caught you!)

I just love that boy.  

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