Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beach Bummin'

I have finally gotten around to putting my real camera pictures on my computer... why cant my entire life be as simple as the iPhone... come on apple

Here is Nick's nephew peeing on a tree because he couldn't make it back to the condo... I was dying haha

Lets appreciate Nick's porcelain skin.. he he 

Doing some boogie boarding

Playing with a water bouncy ball

Eating at our favorite pier

Kissy Kissy smoochy smoochy

Hey wind blown hair

I was not about to lose monkey in the middle


I could sit here all day everyday

My hot man candy

Hanging out at the roof top bar

Deep sea fishing...

The happy couple before the barf bags... the worst experience of my ENTIRE life...

Caught a shark!!!

Last day at the beach :(

I can NOT wait until next year... I think I just need to pick up and move to the beach

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