Friday, October 12, 2012

Awesome and awkward. It's back!!


Nick made me pancakes when I went to visit him... guys this is a HUGE step... homeboy does not cook

Nough said...  we were all dying when we saw this at work

Having a GREAT hair day...  I love some hot rollers


Brunch with this guy!

Getting to work at a golf tournament all day for work!  Hello free tan and free lunch

Homemade chocolate chip cookie!!!

Going to the fair...but not winning anything

Finishing Ragnar!!!

My little nephew turned 3!!!

I just love his cute little self.


My tire exploding on my way to teach Body Attack...Thank goodness someone stopped to help me because I was all kinds of pissed

Baby Pig racing at the Fair... yes it was my favorite part but it still goes under the awkward... I mean, its pig racing...

Sold at Walmart... 

What the h-e double hockey sticks is this crap!!!???   

NO- stop trying to make car lashes happen... its not going to happen

Sleeping outside for Ragnar... too bad that was the best sleep I had for 72 hours...

Look what I walked in on....   It should be under the "awesome" section but I don't want you to think I am weird cat lady so alas.. it is under the awkward section

My neighbors.. the hoarders ... have added a new toy to their collection... what next??    send me some good guess... if you are right I will send you a gift.

Last but not least the mother load of awkward moments...

I was walking around the GAP with Nick... I went to go look at something on the girls side so I come back and I give "Nick" a little tap on the butt before putting my arm around it waist


I tapped the butt of a married man with kids!

I was mortified.  to the point I could barely talk because I was either going to be hysterically laughing or gagging from the embarrassment.

Anyone else have any good stories?

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  1. 1. dude. who did your blog because i'm in love.
    2. everytime I grab austin in his special places I do a double take because I'm afraid it's not going to be him... and that would be mortifying.
    3. I miss you!