Wednesday, March 21, 2012

E.L.F .... what are your thoughts?

Train Case  $12

Contouring Blush-  Apparently it almost lives up to the Nars "Orgasm" blush  $3

I think I am the most excited about this puppy  $8

A friend told me about a free shipping deal that E.L.F was having.   I was pretty skeptical but I headed over to the website...  well I became a sucker

1FREESHIP Free Shipping!
12007 Brightening Eye Color Drama
183601 blushed/bronzed
185011 Kabuki Face Brush
181121 Sand Dollar
181245 Natural Glow
121101 Silver Train
186601 Glow
Total: $34.00

And I already  have another shopping bag full of stuff but I told myself I need to hold off until I try out the products.

Have you ever used E.L.F?   What are your thoughts?  Any must haves?



  1. I'm not a fan. Just my personal opinion, but I just don't think the products are very good quality. But I'm really picky and obviously haven't tried everything - so I'm sure there are some good products I haven't head of :)

  2. I actually love ELF! My favorite is the cream/gel eye liner that comes in a little jar. I also love their cream blush stick thing.


    1. oooo I love! I just put it on my next order :)