Thursday, March 22, 2012

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Brushing your teeth so loud you don't hear that someone is behind you... turn around and stab yourself in the throat with your toothbrush...
  2. Being so obsessed with Crystal Light that you have to make a bathroom trip every 45 minutes... pregnancy rumors start that way!  I have had to limit myself
  3. When your lips forget how to drink ... and you dribble water ALL the way down your shirt.  There is no recovering from that... everyone knows what you did
  4. Having my fake tanner on... no AC and a leather couch=    a slippery mess
  5. Teaching an un-air conditioned spin class and slipping off of the handle bars...  good thing my class know's that I am that girl...
  6. My wisdom teeth make me never want to eat or chew gum again.  Did anyone else's take like 10 years to grow in?  cause these suckers have been working their way up since High School.

  1. Essie Cute as a Button
  2. my new blog layout is almost done!!  hooray!
  3. Wacky Wednesday at Domino's means no cooking for Katie yesterday!!
  4. Nick finally got an iPhone!!   welcome Nick, welcome.
  5. Nick and I sitting next to each other playing scramble and draw me for an hour and half ... had no clue so much time had gone by
  6. I am going to be on the radio for work!!
  7. Nick's niece is getting baptized this weekend
  8. Pictures like this of my nephew   STUD... hands off ladies   

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  1. You teach spin class, I love spin class.

    Following you too now.