Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Le weekend- carriages, pork butt and a fry meltdown

On Friday, Nick and I just went out for sushi and did a quick trip to Walmart to grab a few movies.   We popped in one Flew over the Coo coo's nest.   It was pretty depressing and makes you so mad to know the mistreatment that happened in mental institutions.

Saturday, I got up and taught my spin class   (a sold out show :))  and got ready to head to Roanoke to run some errands.  I had to drop off my boots at the shoe repair because my face wash decided to leak in my bag with my JCrew boots... it was a sad sad day.  So pray for me and my boots and that they will be able to be fixed!   

Nick and I headed to downtown Roanoke to check out the st Patty's festival.  Since neither of us drink it was pretty uneventful.   We did see an awesome shirt.  "We want da gold" with the hand drawn leprechaun from the Youtube video.  Hands down that was the best obnoxious T shirt

I stopped in Kohls to grab some new workout pants (the Fila are amazing!  they give me a tush)  and then to Sally's to grab a glass nail file which apparently prevents your nails from peeling...  hmmm I shall put that to the test cause mine peel like an orange.

My final stop was to Plato's closet on accident.  Nick wanted to go to this fishing outlet store and low and behold we pull up and there is a Plato's right next to it!  So fishing or clothes... fishing or clothes....  So ended up walking out of there with 3 dresses (2 from express), shorts, a scarf and Jessica Simpson shoes ($12).  SCORE

(Preface, Nick and I had been having a "discussion" about politics and my view on war for like an hour and a half... so I was not in the happiest of moods)  We went to Awful Arthur's for some seafood.  So I have been looking forward to the Black and Blue Tuna all day... we get there and there are no fries...NONE in the whole place.  Since most people do not know that french fries are almost next to cereal for greatest food ever invented... I had a little meltdown...  to the point that I could see Nick was questioning our relationship  hahahah.   I was so livid for some reason..  So basically I ruined the rest of the evening.  We ate in almost silence and then I had a choice between going salsa dancing or going home.   Crabby McCrabby pants chose going home.   So we drive home neither of us in a good mood from my behavior.  We got home and decided that we wanted to go hang out with Kenson and Ashley...   well at 2:30 am I realized that I had passed out like mid sentence...  There was a reason for all of the madness!!  I was a six year old who had not gotten her nap

Sunday Nick and I went to church.  We made a quick lunch and Nick started prepping for his job interview.  Kenson and Ashley invited us over to watch the Carolina game at 5:30.  So at about 4 I am restless,  I have done everything except scrub the toilet so I tip toe over to Nick, do a hair flip and take a seat on his lap.   I did a little eye lash flutter and asked if we could go for a walk because I was going crazy.   It was all about the hair flip ladies...  so we went on a walk.

We watched Carolina win and for my lover (Kendall Marshall) to break his wrist... there goes our shot at the championship...

Then everyone came back to my house for BBQ, cookies and movie....

Le weekend= Le success

My outfit on Friday for sushi

Sunday walk with nick
Some Irish music at the St patty's festival
Awkward couple portrait...
The Well's Fargo carriage at the festival,   I did look a little more put together with a cardigan and belt but it ended up being like 85 so that is why my purse looks like it is about to pop
A smooch on our walk
A gorgeous day
The BBQ waiting for us to shred after our walk