Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awesome and Awkward Thursday


1. Peanut butter m&m pancakes...
2. Getting pictures like these of my niece and nephew
3. Nick's cousin picked up Cher from the vet for me and sent me this... his wife got a little defensive  lol

4. Hearing a knock at my front door at 1:30 am... from to the door in my striped pj's and eye cream to find my boyfriend who comes in and tackles me with smooches to thank me for deep cleaning his car while he was at work....  LOVE HIM!

5. 70 degree weather

6.  In the process of getting my blog made over!!!  AHHH  so excited


1. Cher deciding that we both need to watch Downton Abbey like this....  FML

2.  Spending way too much money at the vet to get two teeth pulled

3. I now have two cats... I inherited the cat Nick had at his house that we found on a cliff a year and a half ago...  nick is never home so I decided that Gia would be better off at my house.   I am 23, unmarried, and have 2 cats....  next I will be driving an Oldsmobile and going to the Dollar store in my curlers and house shoes...

4.Hearing your neighbors talking outside of your bathroom window....  Pretty much I can assume they can hear me flush the toilet....AWKWARD

5.  Pulling up next to someone at a stop light and they are digging for treasure ike they aren't surrounded my 8 windows....  use your brain honey....  everyone around you is judging you just like when you pulled that stunt in the 2nd grade.... nose picking= never cool


  1. peanut butter m&m pancakes sound awesome!

  2. Peanut butter and M&M pancakes? My husband puts peanut butter on his pancakes, but adding m&m's in the mix just turns it in to a flat out dessert! :)