Friday, March 16, 2012

Awesome and awkward

  • Waking up to find huge clumps of fur on my floor= cat fight= pissed Katie
  • Teaching a spin class and literally gagging because someone decided to let one out... and the fan blow right in my direction....
  • Walking naked (covered in tanning lotion, I do not just like walking around in the nude) from my room to the bathroom and realizing my front window blinds are open... and when I say open I mean pulled up ... maybe someone will leave me a tip in my mailbox for the show
  • Getting home from a work trip and calling Nick so he can decide what to eat, and I say no to everything like an 8 year old... poor guy.  I was just not going to be satisfied
  • Running on the treadmill at the hotel and all of a sudden I feel like my insides are going to drop out of me...  Run to the closest bathroom.  Proceed to break out into a cold sweat debate whether or not to lie down on a public bathroom floor.   Thankfully I talked myself out of that one.
  • That moment you realize that your face is screaming all the judgy comments you have been thinking

  • Getting to go to Richmond for work which means I get to go to Forever 21!

Scored this cute dress for $14... please excuse my hair... This was the same day as the bathroom incident and the freakish 86 degree day
Cher thought my curtain was the other cat (Gia) and she was freaking out and accidentally scratched her self...  honey child left blood all over my bed.

This was my best effort in helping her and it lasted about 3.2 seconds
Some adorable dresses I  found at a boutique in Short Pump... hello Spring Sale... all dresses ended up being $20!   SCORE
  • Some great news about Nick and his job searching.... 1 includes a job in my home town!!! CRAZY
  • Blueberry  kashi waffles
  • Debbie went to Boston and brought back like 800 Essie's    I love her!
  • Debbie also made me some German Pancakes...  they are my newest guilty pleasure
  • Incredible weather!!!  omg it makes me so happy to be outside and be able to finally use my sunroof!!

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