Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend wonders

Nick and I have been traveling a ton lately and it seems as if we never have a weekend to just RELAX and catch up on life.  Well this was the weekend... it was fabulous.   On Friday Nick picked me up and we drove to Lynchburg and went out to eat at Jimmy's on the James which was super delish and had the best live music I have ever experienced.  The owner is a 50 something white guy with a smoking habit that gives him a smokey sexy voice and pipes that Sinatra would appreciate.  Nick's coworker and his girlfriend (Joe and Alyse) are rock stars on the salsa dance floor.  So we walked over to the dance studio where they go to dance and we got our groove on.  Nick and I are a little awkward but it was still so fun.  Alyse helped me out and taught me some cute ways to shake it.

The next morning I had to teach spin and Nick wanted to go workout so we both headed over to the gym where I teach.  After class Nick and I headed to a local coffee place for some bagels.
Then I spent the afternoon cleaning my casa, primping, napping, snacking, and bother Nick while he was working on his investing blog.  

Then we headed out to hibachi with Kenson and Ashley.  Which was delish and I finished every bite as did Nick.  But about an hour later Nick got really sick.  And I got to hear him puke quite a few times... I can mark that off our relationship list.   Somehow I kept it together and didn't gag, barf or run away screaming.

Sunday we had church, then Nick and I came home and chilled on my couch.  I ate some Kashi blueberry pancakes and decided they are my new addiction holy delish!!!!
Then I helped Nick with his blog.  We headed over to Kenson and Ashleys and had a cookie tasting contest.  Ashley makes some of the best cookies I have ever tasted.  She tried a new recipe and wanted to compare it to our favorite.   The old one won.  And this is the reason I have gained 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks... not cool.

In case I forgot to post, I now have two cats.  One is Cher and she is like 14  and has diabetes and is the biggest diva I have ever met.   The second one is our foster cat.  Nick and I found her geocaching about a year and a half ago and we have yet to find her some new parents.  She was previously living with Nick but he is never at his house except to sleep and we just felt so bad leaving her there all by herself all day so she is living with me.

It has been like having two toddlers running around my house.  Toys under the couches and random fighting breaks out.  There are some peaceful times and in those times I try to take a picture so I can reassure myself that it will only get better hahahaha

he would probably hurt me if he knew I posted this puppy online  hahaha   Gia loves to sit on his lap when he is on the computer and Cher likes to perch anywhere
Cher also likes man parts...this is how she decided to lay down and watch modern family with us...
Good times

PS  I am not crazy cat lady!!!   They have just been so much drama this past week that it consumes all of my thoughts

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