Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome and awkward

  1. Feeling the need to go to sleep at 10pm
  2. Getting to the movie theater an hour early to get into the hunger games and giving dirty looks to anyone who even looked like they were going to cut the line
  3. Having a middle schooler check you out and say "daaaannnggg"-  yeah I was just in his class for work two weeks ago...
  4. Having UNC lose...  The guy who caused Kendall Marshall to break his wrist deserves a swift kick in the fruit basket
  5. Planning to drive to Tennessee for Nick's niece's baptism... we were suppose to leave at 8:30... well Nick came over to take a shower and he told me he had a headache and asked me to go get him some Excedrin,  I get back and the poor guy is curled up on my bed ...  soooo about 2 hours, 4 pills, and like 10 hot wash clothes later Nick was able to stand up and get dressed without barfing.  So I am driving and Nick is holding a barf bag on his lap... the longest 3.5 hours of both of our lives.


I made this for free on facebook... and yes it is nerdy and yes I judge myself
my E.L.F came!!!!
I love it!!!
My sister-in-law sent this to me out of the blue!!  The feathers are little measuring spoons
Draw Something with Nick!  hahaha he is pretty talented
My hunger games outfit!   Te dress is from Forever 21, and the shoes are Jessica Simpson
$12!!!  I love them!!  and that is Essie Cute as a Button on my toes :)


  1. really love your outfit! & that chicken! how cute!

    1. hahah thank you! That chicken cracked me up

  2. um... where did you make that one facebook? haha