Monday, April 2, 2012

Le Weekend- naps, calories and a whole lot of cuddling

This weekend Nick and I just stuck around the neighborhood instead of traveling somewhere.  

I took about 7 naps within a two day span.  Church was on TV so I decided to make some monkey bread in hopes I would be able to stay awake...  adverse reaction.   I made it 20 minutes before I was unconscious

This is the life of  my cat..
mama has a new pair of shoes... hello gorgeous leopard print flats
Nick and I hit up buffalo wild wings after I spent a fortune at the J Crew outlet... I shall be posting pictures of the cutest trench coat you have ever seen
Nick and I hit up the putting green,  we made some bets...  guess who one herself some SweetFrog and an ice cream sundae....  yes  I hide my golfing skills for moments like that  :)   
I made this puppy with my own two hands!  Say hello to 4 cans of rolls and a stick and a half of butter
I purposely chose not to include how much butter it took to make that masterpiece
If you promise not to judge, I will share with you that we at 3/4 of that thing...   I am still nauseous 
A typical night,  Gia and I competing for Nick's attention   It seems Angry Birds always wins
I made Nick take me on a walk to try and burn off some calories

My cute little nephew... he and I have an appreciation for naps

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