Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Years Glam-resolutions

Here is a usual morning for me:
Alarm goes off at 8, I get up at 8:15, get my cereal and climb back into bed, set my alarm for 8:30 so I can take a nap... Force myself out of bed at 8:35. Pick out leggings and a sweater, throw on some boots, grab my make up bag and hop in the car to get to work by 9. Did you catch that? I am leaving the house in the same messy bun I threw my hair into after my shower and I don't have a stitch of make up on.

In this time of resolutions I have decided that I need to take more pride in my appearance so I am setting some goals.

1) No more messy bun to work!

2) Try to put make up on before work

3) Wear real pants...

4) Buy cuter pjs,sheets deserve better than the crap I am wearing to bed

5) Dry brush skin every day

6) Get 8 hours of sleep

7) Self tanner every other day

8) Polish my shoes.

9) Wax... It's worth it

10) Look better at the gym... Do your hair woman!

11) Wash my make up brushes way more ( I am too embarrassed to say how often I do it now)

To help me stick to this I am going to try and post OOTD's and before and after pictures for my dry brushing... apparently it gets rid of cellulite and hopefully others.  Fingers crossed I can stick to it!!!

Love you guys!!

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