Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Pretty faces on parade..."

Masquerade... This is our third year going to and I honestly count down the days...  It includes delish hor' dourves dancing and casino night.   We spent most of the night playing black jack and loving every minute of the experience.

Funny story... so I am a VERY picky eater and I will not eat something that freaks me out.. so usually the  hor' dourves are Margarita mashed potatoes, some oriental food and more amazingness  but this year it consisted of pate and olives (heck no), risotto balls (excuse me?) and fried pork belly (is this some kind of hot dog??)  so I start to freak out... because I have only had half a waffle all day and I want my dang mashed potatoes in a martini glass!!.  So I get all hangry  and poor Nick is trying everything to get me to eat because he knows I will just get worse.  He starts to bribe me to try a risotto ball... he says $1, then $5, then $20... (this takes about 10 minutes)  there was no way I was trying it... then he says "I will buy you a puppy... I'm serious"...   I look at him and make sure he is serious, and then I say " go grab me a ball"  and they were sooooo good!   So guess what!   I have a new food and I am getting a puppy!!!  I did tell him that I want a rain check on my puppy and that it is going to be a small dog that doesn't shed and he happily agreed.

Sitting at the blackjack table
Working the table!
Our dealer was so much fun!   He would give me a special look when I didnt have the right card for my bet hahaha
I was having a hair emergency

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  1. Ive always wanted to do a masquerade ball!! it looks so fun and congrats on the puppy! if only it was that easy with my man....

    kelly elizabeth