Thursday, February 7, 2013

Awesome and Awkward


In a presentation I was helping with the kids had to draw "Me flags" and I found a don't tread on me from a Kindergartner hahaha!!
I did 100 deadlifts...  I could barely walk the next day but I felt pretty legit

I found these on my doorstep!!  A friend from church dropped them off because I was plagued with a never ending cold

I was speechless when I found these... words can not describe how appalled I am that people wore crap like that in the 70s never the less I still consider them awesome

Why wouldn't you wear a cape to the mall??   What are the rest of us thinking.   Bravo man  BRAVO

Relaxing on a Sunday with an iPad and a plate of cookies ...  

I found this when I came back from NY, he left them hidden all over so I have been finding them all month!

Nick's niece sent him this when Beyonce was singing "if you like it then you should of put a ring on it"  hahaha    AMEN sister

After I had eaten my body weight in bacon wrapped smokies and pizza.... ugh

Headed to a night of carbo loading-  Penne alla vodka had my name written all over it that night

Nick and I found a brick oven pizza place.... AMAZE BALLS... totally worth the hour long wait


Lee Jackson day in Lexington VA... you may or may not find confederate flags all over... especially at your local chinese buffet
If the flags weren't enough, you can always find Confederate soldiers piling on the fried rice

My cat was really confused about snow flakes... she had a major freak out session

Getting caught taking a selfie... there is not covering that one up
So this does not look like a big deal right?... wouldnt you know I got stuck twice and had to leave my car over night and be picked up in a jeep because of this craziness!!!  When will mother nature realize that the south can not handle snow... it's gotta stop

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