Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A lovers weekend

Since Nick moved two hours away and we only see each other on weekends we try and make our weekends really special.  For Valentines we went to DC!!  We have gone there 3 or 4 valentines weekends and it never gets old.

Sipping some amazing HO CHO in front of the capitol.  Don't let my hatless/gloveless self fool you into thinking it was a gorgeous day...  omg it was freezing!

Headed up to DC!

The start of brunch... I may or may not have asked for two servings... that ain't no cool whip  that is legit whipped cream... divine

New Orleans style french toast... 

I would probably give my right arm to live in Alexandria... it is so adorable

The Grace was my favorite!

Starting our "chocolate tour" with Diva Hot Chocolate

Next we hit up Co Co Sala 

$8 chocolate covered bacon... it was pretty horrible

Me and Samuel L Jackson... no big deal

A small chocolatier in Georgetown.. really delish cookies

Defrosting after walking around DC

My man is a stud...

Fingers crossed an engagement ring comes in the next few weeks!!!  

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