Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- Engagement Picture Ideas

I have been so excited to take engagement pictures since WAY before we got engaged.  I have worked with our photographer and she had the idea to do a casual shoot in an apple orchard and a more formal shoot around sunset at the downtown mall in Charlottesville.  So I have been trying on tons of outfits and trying to prep.  If only I could afford a professional to blow out my hair... alas  I may just look like a winded hot mess

List of things to do:

-Self tanner
-Whiten teeth
-Hair mask
-Exfoliate skin
-Drink lots of water
-Steam clothes
-Polish Shoes
-Paint nails
-Clean my ring
-Gather props for shoot

Here are some pictures I have been loving on Pinterest:
Cute engagement photo prop...i could make this, judt need to find the right suitcase

Blankets can be such a fun prop for photo shoots and a wonderful addition to any wedding or event. Find them for rent and/or sale at! Splendor for Your Guests | Rental Company | Weddings | Events | Shawls | Blankets | Umbrellas | Parasols | Fans

Vintage Luggage Engagement Shoot Idea // High Dot Studios

Mad Men style engagement shoot by Scott Lawrence Photographs

Sabes lo que me gusta estar con vos

Any tips or suggestions?


  1. What do you use for your self-tanner? I'm quite pale, but I've always wanted a light tan. I'm afraid I'll end up looking orange though if I try something random though...any tips?

    1. I used to use the Victoria's Secret self tanner, which is great but then I started using Sun Laboratories over night tan in Medium. I really love it, I always get compliments. Hope that helps!