Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Friday...So glad you are here :)

So as you may not be aware... I MOVED .. I moved to Atlanta!!!!   More on that later but basically I resigned from my job in Virginia to move to Atlanta with Nick.  It was scary but very exciting.  I spend my days at home on the internet looking for jobs and trying not to get to distracted with my easy access to Netflix and my new addiction Friday Night Lights... hello gorgeous football players and my lady crush Minka Kelly.

So I have had quite a few interviews and have made it to the final round of just about all of them.  It has been extremely frustrating and is a little nerve wracking since I need to be able to pay my bills.  

I went to an interview with the American Cancer Society this morning.   Hopefully things go well and I will be an employed lady very shortly.

Not going to lie, Nick asked me if that was too sexy for an interview.   Heck no, it gave me a ton of confidence

Please ignore that nasty pile of laundry behind me and the fact I have yet to hang up this mirror... it may or may not be because when it leans it makes me look 10lbs thinner... 

Right before I walked in.. it is a huge building full of all kinds of crazy elevators and tunnels... basically it was the matrix of non profit buildings.

Judge me not- but I when I brought my trash to the compactor I saw this cute little wine rack sitting right next to it.   I couldn't just leave it there with all of its potential to be a coke in a bottle rack, or some other random oddity that I choose... so I did what any unemployed person would do.  I picked it up and scooted as fast as my Ugg boot and pajama wearing self could shuffle before anyone could judge me for being a garbage picker... 

And lastly, I remembered that I have a wedding to plan and tons of down time so I finally got on the ball and called the country club and scheduled a tasting, ordered invitation samples, called a DJ, semi planned a menu and made a list of bridesmaids.    

So excited to finally have a date with Nick that starts before 9pm!!!!!   Poor guy has been working so hard at his new job and kicking butt at that!  So proud of him.

My apologies for being such a bad blogger, I promise I am going to up my game now!  Let me know what kind of posts you would like to see.

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Your blog is perfect. I LOVE reading it. And did you get the job??!!