Thursday, November 21, 2013

Engagement Pictures!!

Photos- bmw photography  Brinn Willis
Location : Carter Mountain Orchard- Charlottesville VA
                 Downtown Mall- Charlottesville VA

The morning started off with lots of outfit changes.  I had no clue what I was going to wear.  I had been stressing about it for about three weeks and had not found anything that I felt cute in.  So I went back to my favorite pair of jeans, my absolute favorite shirt (Thank you, thank you to who ever brought chambray shirt to my attention) and my go to mustard cardigan.   Its not as fancy or cute as I initially wanted but I was running out of time.

Next up came the hair, I looked up some different tutorials and I decided I wanted to tease and then use big rollers.  My hair looked rockin' ... that is until the dreaded sprinkle rain came right as we pulled in,  the kind of rain that just immediately gives you frizz and destroys all the hard work you put into your hair.  So poor Nick had to deal with a VERY grumpy Katie since I wanted to look absolutely perfect for our pictures and that dang rain ruined everything.

 But nonetheless, Brinn was able to capture some very sweet moments and give us some great pictures to choose from.   Let me know your favorites so we can decide on the final few that will become contenders for the invitations.

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