Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September happenings

Hello Fall!!!   I am so excited to start wearing sweaters and boots and feeling completely justified for eating doughnuts everyday.

Here is what September has looked like for us

Our first fall festival of the season.  Look at that gorgeous guy...oh I mean sky :)
I tried my best at hay hopping but those sandals had ZERO traction so taking this picture was as far as I got.

Hanging out at the Tobacco Company on Saturday nights to listen to some of Richmond's finest cover bands

Practicing my blog posing  ....   Which consists of me saying "Nick, hurry take a cute picture of me... make sure you get my shoes!.... hurry!  people are looking at me!"

Eating some southern cuisine in downtown Richmond

Sweet Teas... loved the lemonade 

My sweet little niece turned 6!!!  Holy moly where has the time gone.    She is so sweet and has amazing hair!

Meeting Nick for lunch in Richmond on my day off!   I look like a hott mess.   Most people were wearing suits and skirts and I roll up in spandex and a tank top.... CLASSY   

Come back tomorrow for Wedding Wednesday!

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