Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- Bridesmaids

Since most of my bridesmaids are mom and they range in heights I figured that a skirt and top combo would be safest.  But I have found some adorable dresses so now I am torn! Thank goodness for Pinterest and all of its good ideas, now I just need to decide.

Sequins or lace?  Dress or skirt? 

What are your favorites?

Sparkly bridesmaids dresses // Photography: Melissa and Beth

Peach lace bridesmaids dresses with Tiffany blue shoes. Perfection.

bridesmaid skirt... love it

подружки невесты в юбках #wedding #bridesmaids #skirt


bridesmaid skirts?

Sequin bridesmaid dresses - kind of love - AND you really can wear that dress again!  @Taffie Hale-please attach pin to your appropriate pinboard.  Thanks. K. Cool.


  1. I love the sequins!! I did skirts for my bridesmaids and I loved it!!

  2. why OR when you can AND.. sequins AND lace. Skirts are more functional (if the girls get to keep after) they can wear anytime after the wedding! 5th picture down is a dream (and I actually know one of the girls in the picture)

  3. I don't know. I love both the sequins and lace. But I do agree that the skirt & top combo are probably safest and they can always wear it after the wedding for another event. I'm so excited to see the end results.