Monday, April 11, 2011

My Loot

So as expressed in my last post, one of my favorite things was this past weekend... the J Crew factory sale. Nick and I arrived at 12 to see a line wrapped around the building for this puppy. Mind you it is slightly drizzling and its like 50 degrees but there was a smile on my face. We get inside and are handed our garbage bag and the price list and dun dun duuunnnn we are joined with 248 other people in picking through uhundreds of boxes of J Crew clothes. Holy Hannah people it was insane I could barely reach my hands in to boxes it was so crowded.

So after about an hour and a half of "shopping" I found Nick and we plop down in the middle of the factory surrounded my a ton of girls and we all start sorting through our stash. So hear is your mental picture. (outside in line everyone and their mom are in leggings and tanks with little northfaces over the top, hello people it is 50 degrees, well I judged too soon cause they were able to try on every single kind of clothing item! I did see a little too much of some peoples mothers but hey I will never see them again so i dont judge them for doing it, I almost wish I had thought of it)

So we are surrounded by stripping people and clothes. Nick was soooooo hoooo sweet and watched me try on shirt after shirt and help divide up my bag into things I "needed" and "maybes" and "less than maybes" hahaha but let me back up. So while I am selfishly looking for only clothes for me my man candy finds me a purse I picked out in the store ($400) and an adorable double brested rain coat anddddddddddddd wait for it..... A PINK PEA COAT!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh I was floored... I got the purse for 30, the rain coat for 25 and the pea coat for 50! Gosh I had been searching for rain coats online forever, wheneever nick and I go out and its raining I am always that girl who is waiting at the door for a car to come drive up and pick her up, and then I have to put my jacket over my hair cause heaven knows I chose the one day out of the week it rains to straighten my hair. but its all changed now I have the cutest rain coat on the planet that includes a hood and it just so happened that it was raining when we got out of the sale. GLORIOUS!
I also bought 9 shirts, a belt, and bathing suit bottoms.

We get out of there around 5:30 and we head over to meet our friends Mckay and kalee for dinner. We went to Hibachi.... can we say delish. I want to kiss the person who makes the white sauce. After dinner we headed back over to their place to watch youtube videos and just hang out since we only see them about once a month.

Yesterday Nick and I went to church, came home and ate some grub, went over to his house for him to change and then headed out to Lexington to walk around and soak up the gorgeous weather. We both wore some of our new clothes and looked pretty dang adorable. We just laid on the grass and talked about what we didnt feel like cooking for dinner. We headed home and i fell asleep for an hour and half to wake up at like 8pm! We made plans to go over Nicks cousins house at 945 so we booked it over to my house so we could eat a little something and then went over to the Hiatts to play Wii.

Great weekend with the Man!

I will post pictures when I can. I dont have internet at my house so I am limited on my blogging resources.


  1. Katie, I am soooo jealous of all the Jcrew loot you got! :)


  2. I love the coat. Sounds like you had a great weekend.