Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Yes, yes I know I missed last week, but I was at a conference for work and the hotel makes you pay $10 a day for the internet so that wasn't happening.

1) J CREW SALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I dont think anyone is more excited for the Jcrew clearance sale than me... I would bet on it. I have had this weekend marked on my calendar since January.

2) I had 16 people at my spin class and a total of 18 bikes... yessss it is that good :)

3) I found out that glee is Lady Gaga and 90 minutes next week yay!!

4) Nick and I beat world 1 on super mario brothers last night, can I just say this was not an easy task the castle is beyond ridiculous

5) I actually enjoyed General Conference, I may be the only Mormon who doesnt look forward to church on TV for 8 hours... but this time I was happy listening to it.

6)My friend Debbie is Prego!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo super excited to help make baby crafts

7) I found out Washington and Lee is buying the body pump program!! I have been wanting to train for pump for a while now and here is my opportunity!!

8)Sushi :) Nick and I got some on Saturday and whewwww it was delish

9) Nick and all of his cute dates he thinks up (he found a movie theatre that has loveseats and a button to push to get drink refills, and then we went and shopped at some antique stores and I got a Tiffany's charm for $20!)

10) Drive in movies

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