Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

1) Canteloupe- I have eaten a whole one since last night.... I am an addict

2) Burn Notice- Nick and I have become obsessed with this show... you learn how to make a bomb out of anything, Fiona has adorable shoes, and Micheal Weston is a hottie and a half GREAT TV

3)The gorgeous weather we have been having, low 70s is just so perfect for anything

4)Jenna rearranged our living room and it looks so much cuter!!

5) Double stuffed oreos in my filing cabinet (its a love hate relationship)

6) The Glee volume 5, I added 4 songs frmo there to my spin class on Tuesday and it was probably the BEST class I have ever taught

7) Nick's toe is getting better (ingrown toenail, it was touch and go for a few days haha)

8) Peanut butter and graham crackers- nough said

9) Debbies fruit dip. For craft/girls night Debbie made fruit dip from strawberry creamcheese and luff, holy hannah it was delish

10) My cutie pie boyfriend :)

11) My nieces and nephews they are just way too adorable for words

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