Thursday, April 21, 2011


So yesterday I decided to take off a little early from work and go down to Roanoke to get my second laser hair removal. As I am driving I see a huge accident on the other side of the road, and I need to go back that way to get home/go to the mall before I head home.

I get to my laser hair appointment and I get the girl in training. (back story my first round of laser did not hurt I seriously barely felt a thing) So she gets started and Holy Hannah it felt like how I picture a tatoo would feel. After about 5 minutes I start smelling burnt hair, which is "normal and a good thing", yeah ok honey you are not the one getting your arm pit melted off.

So after a half an hour my appointment is done and I ask the doctor is different way to get to the mall and the highway. So she tells me the directions. I get into my old beat up car that has no air conditioning on an 85 degree day and head down the road to find myself in bumper to bumper traffic.

But I have my mind set on using my coupon for a free perfume from Victorias Secret. So after an HOUR!!!!!! drive that would have only taken about 10 minutes, I get to Victorias Secret and come to find out my coupon for a free "perfume" is the size of a tester. Yes I drove an hour to get a tester size amount of perfume. I honestly could have killed someone.

I am fuming the whole way home because I have wasted a ton of my evening and I will get home around 8. But I decided that I was going to go for a run when I got home otherwise poor nick would have come over to a nightmare of a girlfriend.

So I just plan on running for like 20 minutes I figure I can get about 2 miles in. NOPEEEEEEE I look down at my ipod to see that I ran 3 miles in 24 minutes. Yes people that is an 8 minute mile. It honestly made my day, I have been telling everyone who will listen.

I got back home at 8:30 Nick and I took forever to decide what to eat, and I was just not in the mood so I threw some whole wheat pasta and some turkey meatballs on the stove and bam dinner was made by 9pm... I know it is not healthy to be eating that late but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

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