Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

So most of this will be about traveling/airport since that is what consumed my life the past few weeks.


  1. Going to bed at 1am and getting up at 4am
  2. A 69 pound suitcase
  3. Wearing pajama pants tucked into black dress boots (not me, some random woman)
  4. Legit making out in the security line (not me)
  5. A family in pajamas
  6. Recognizable bedhead (not me)
  7. me forgetting to put make up on so I slap it on on the plane as the kid next to me thinks, what the crap is all that? I could totally read his mind
  8. So starting take off (like the full speed ahead take off) and then the plane engines die down, captain comes over the loud speaker "uhm we are having some technical difficulties, give us a minute to fix it" 5 minutes later "we need to have the mechanics take a look so we are heading back to the gate"  10 minutes later "One of the engines is malfunctioning and it will be at least an hour to fix so everyone off the plane"
  9. missing my next flight
  10. calling United to have them reroute me, he says I will get to Charlotte at6, I say you are going to have to do better thank that,45 minutes later the guy gets me a flight that will get me into Charlotte at 2pm.  Go to United desk to get my new tickets and they tell me there is a non stop flight leaving in 15 minutes from the next terminal. Run to the next terminal, for them to tell me that the flight is full of people from my flight!!!  REALLYY!!!!!!!  I called 5 minutes after I got off the broken plane.   So I called United and got a $75 voucher.  Too bad I NEVER want to fly with the liars again.
  11. Old man snoring so loudly, it was worth it for me to dig into the bottom of my carry on to get my iPod
  12. find out my iPod is dead...  so I dig out my lap top to charge my iPod and listen to iTunes... lap top dies... 45 minutes to think of death threats to the snorer and the 2 people sitting with him who aren't nudging him to make it stop!
  13. No bag when I get to Charlotte
  14. Nick's mom having to sleep in the airport parking lot for 2 hours because of all this flight cancelling nonsense.
  15. Having the guys in the luggage complaint department look at my flight schedules, after seeing that my bag got sent to Dulles and say "I don't know how you are still smiling..."
  16. Organizing a Body Attack training... dear heavens
  17. Remembering that I am going through the 18 hours of training
  18. Not getting proposed to on New Years :(
  19. Dropping Cher off at Nick's parents house...  Cher had a show down with Nicks dad.  Apparently she was drinking out of the toilet and wouldn't move.. so Nick's dad went upstairs to use the bathroom... later on her went to go brush his teeth and she was on the counter... he grabbed his toothbrush and used the kitchen sink...  and many more stories
  20. Cher pooped in her carrier the first 10 minutes of our 2 and a half hour drive...
  21. Missing midnight on New Years :(
  1. Seeing my family
  2. Playing Just Dance with my niece and nephew
  3. Nick coming to Rochester!!  (I will try and post pictures tomorrow)
  4. My mom's new house!  tons of room! and satellite!!
  5. Dinosaur BBQ...  
  6. Kissing under the fireworks
  7. Talking about our 2012 intentions and I say "and we're getting married!" and without a pause Nick says "Yeah!"-  there is hope
  8. My mom having "the talk" with Nick 20 minutes before we go to the airport...  this is borderline awkward
  9. Being back in my house... 
  10. Having no desire to cook so I have 5 boxes of cereal 
  11. Getting a coach purse and a gorgeous pearl necklace from Mr Man
Java's hot chocolate... we went 3 times... it is that good
California Rollin'
Ethan slurping some pop
At Mr Dominic's
My gift :)
the funny thing is this is candid
I don't know where this is...  haha
Staying up until 1 playing upwards and using every letter!!!
Some Ho Cho from Java's
Hello tempura fried ice cream... you are my lover

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