Monday, January 30, 2012


So I hate taking medicine. I was the child that took two parents to hold her down to drink "orange" cough syrup or anti biotics. Same goes for pills. For some reason I just can't stand the feeling of swallowing one.

I have been trying to find the right vitamins for me. While I was meandering around wal Mart, I found gummy one a days. I was sold. They don't taste bad at all. Don't expect gushers or something but I enjoy them.

Do you guys have favorite vitamins?
What are your thoughts on the gnc little baggies of vitamins?


  1. OMGosh I hate medicine and anything in the form of a pill YUCK! But vitamin gummies are the most amazing things ever created! Obsessed.

  2. I took these prenatal vitamins that seriously tasted like heaven!!! They are candy. I looked forward to taking them each day because they are so yummy. pre natals are still great even if you aren't preggo, I so recommend these! Here is a website of them