Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


  1. My first lady doctor visit... I think I would rather shave my head then go back
  2. Putting Target into my GPS and it brought me to the middle of no where where there is a target warehouse ... I should have just asked to shop in there, the lines would have been great
  3. (Back story)  I am in charge of the snack counter thingy at work so I buy the snacks manage the money etc.. yeah its totally random.  So the nice person that I am put up a "Requests" sheet so people can request certain snacks ... Taking words from the phantom of the opera... we have some "ignorant fools" up in here...
The first one is from my coworker and I was there when she put it... but seriously...  IDK who we have working for us that doesn't know baked chips are from potatoes...  LOSER!  and get your own freaking water... its like 5 feet away in the sink
   4.I am drinking water like a fish... which means I am peeing like a pregnant lady... it needs to stop

   5. Dribbling water down my shirt right before I teach my exercise classes... I know I am a classy lady :)

  1. having my spin classes be packed 15 minutes before it starts... and turning away between 7 and 10 people... YEAH  it is that good  :)
  2. A girl was giving a talk in church and she brought up that she and her mom would go on walks and have long talks, sometimes about Vulcan culture... so I turn to Nick and ask "what is Vulcan Culture"  he is like "I don't know"... so I do a quick Google... come to find out it is from Star Trek... Nick and I both just died... in the back row of church... I was literally convulsing... 
  3. Panera Bagels... more specifically cinnamon crunch with honey walnut cream cheese.
  4. Going to a masquerade with Nick... and getting checked out by married men  :)  I know I am  a little tacky but its still feels good :)

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  1. I laughed out loud twice. I love you Katie!