Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awesome and Awkward


  1. My mom and step dad are on a 5 week vacation in Europe-  I hate them, but I should be getting all kinds of pretty presents from Rome and Paris!!
  2. My car-  If you read my "looong weekend" post you saw that My AC went out, my wiper and a headlight. That meant one pissy Katie.  Well I called my local mechanic and that honey child fixed everything for $74!  I almost kissed the greasy mess.
  3. I got to go to Forever 21 and discover the amazingness that is their yoga pants.  I am SOLD-  lulelemon can suck it I am not spending $90 on pants I get SwAss in ...
  4. Skinny Taste  Best website ever!!  I am trying to try two new recipes a month   so I tried skinny Fettuccine Alfredo and balsamic glaze pork chops   Delish!
  5. Fresh Flowers on my desk
  6. I got a Groupon for  Bumble and Bumble salon, cut and color for $22!  heck to the yes-   My appointment is tomorrow  heaven knows this hair needs some loving
  7. I found out I am going to be an aunt again!!!!! this will be number 6!  
  8. Lauren Conrad- I discovered how much I love her hair tutorials
This is her braid from the Chelsea Lately show- a braid within a braid

Thought I would just throw this one in cause I think he is awesome

  1. I got to go to Lowe's for work and they were handing out free snow cones because it was hotter than Africa here in Virginia and I had no clue I looked this horrific
  2. Same day as the Lowe's trip, our boss asked us to put the cushions back together in the waiting room-  this is what I get-  Meet Rebecca, we share an office so pretty much we are together all the time- she is a bit of a crackhead except without the crack

  1. I was cooking yesterday and I went out to check on Gia because she is like a two year old child and low and behold the screen door is wide open, so I am on the phone with the above crack head and she is telling me a serious story, my creepy neighbor "Red Beard" comes over and asks if I am missing  a "kitty cat"   also it is raining and I have just come from teaching a body attack class.... so I am trying to agree with Rebecca on the phone, trying to get away from my neighbor and yell for Gia all without any of them knowing....
  2. I called Nick to tell him that Gia was on the loose and he says "ok let me go get my fishing net" in a completely serious voice
  3. Now its a few hours later and Gia is sitting in the screen door, all of a sudden I hear her climbing.  She is pulling a spider man and climbs all the way up the screen and has her paw on the handle.-  Mystery solved, my cat can open doors...It's going to be a long 14 years Gia...
  4. Friday after work I decided to go to wal mart and grab some things.  As I am driving there it is starting to sprinkle.  I pull into the parking lot and it is a solid down poor with the winds being super high and the rain was flying in like 8 directions.  So I am on the phone with my mom in Paris.  So I am just waiting in my car since I am so OCD about my car being clean that I wont even keep an umbrella in it.   Finally the rain dies down and its super calm, so I walking into wal mart and my call is dropped, then the greeter woman yells "It's a code black everyone get into the middle of the store we have a tornado warning"    I legit almost peed my pants right there on the yellow smiley face carpet.  So I am hauling A to the center of the store.  I tried calling my mom back and got nothing.  So I call Nick and tell him what is going on.  he looks up the weather and there is a freaking tornado in the city where I live (6 miles from wal mart)  So my thoughts turn to my clothes and my cats-  who will save them!!??     not too much damage was done thank goodness, apparently just some trees got uprooted.
  5. Yoga farting....  need I explain more?


  1. Cute braid babe. I need some tutorials in my life. dress is from express! And f21 yoga pants are awesome especially their prices! We need to go shopping together. Xoxo ;

  2. Haha, this is such a cute post! And uh, how amazing are LC's hair tutorials?! Love them! xo