Monday, June 4, 2012

Loooong weekend

Nick and I decided to take an extra day off work over Memorial Day so we could make it into a 4 day weekend.

We planned to play in Annapolis, Alexandria, Georgetown and DC

Here comes the long story of our almost tragic weekend.

Friday night, Nick gets a Migraine so he goes to bed and we decide to leave in the morning

Saturday Morning, Nick is nauseous and still has a headache but by golly (not sure why I chose that term) we were going on vacation so we packed up and I drove up.  Our friends told us that Annapolis is like a little beach town with cute shops and a beach.  Well after 4 hours in the car I am ready for the beach, homegirl drove all the way there in her bathing suit planning on jumping right in.

Here we are pulling into Annapolis,   minutes later we are staring at toll roads costing a fortune just to get near the water, so we headed to a local park... well they wear charging $7 a person just to get near the water.  I was not having that crap.  So my usual self has to use the bathroom so we found a 7/11.  I did my business and Nick starts to look up things for us to do.  I turned my car on (didnt start it) so we could us the gps.  Well don't you know my car dies.  So right now I am sitting next to my boyfriend who is about to vomit all over my dead car.  So I am in tears, I head to the trunk to see if I have jumper cables and to grab some tools to get to the battery.  I had to put some of our bags in the back seat to get to the tools.  

Nick tracks down a guy who helps jump my car.  At this point it is like 9pm.  Nick and I head back to where we were staying.  He is still about to barf, I am starving and in a terrible mood and we have an hour to drive there.  Well Nick is feeling worse so I pull into a gas station and go to the trunk to get him some pepto.  I do not see Nick's bag with his computer (work computer/Nick's life work)... so I ask him if he brought it, he says yes.  We start tearing apart the car.  It is gone.  Nick starts cursing all kinds of words, I am literally sobbing to the point I cant speak.  I keep trying to figure out what happened.  I kept saying there was no way I left it on the ground because I backed out to get gas and he was standing in front of me.

What we figured out was someone stole it while we were both at the hood fiddling with the battery.  So we drove back an hour to look around the 7/11 and make a police report.

So there was day 1

Day 2!

Nick wakes up feeling worse, his stomach is all kinds of crazy and we both slept through church so we decided we better get moving.  We drove to downtown DC.  Poor guy keeps grumbling as we walk.  Then came the bathroom stops.  Every 20 minutes we had to find a new bathroom.  But thank the shopping gods we came across Forever 21 and the 3 stories of gloriousness that included a bathroom.  So Mr man did his business and I did mine   :)

Also, we went to this place called Pizza pi and it was Amaze

Please excuse my greasy hair
Look at this place!!   I love it!!

After I shopped Nick found the Marriot in downtown he stayed at for work and he remembered there was a lounge in the bottom.  We went down there to cool off and for him to lay down.

After about 15 minutes he leaves to use the restroom.

So I wait and wait and get a text message that he is puking -  Anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT do puke.  Nope nadda  can not go near it   so I just to pray he didnt pass out in there cause I was not about to come save him

He said he felt a little better but the poor guy looked awful so we just decided to grab some dinner to go and head back

The brat that I am said I HAD to have Panera, so we put it in the GPS and it landed us in DuPont Circle.  We got our food and just sat down near the fountain to listen to all the musicians and just enjoy the cooler air.  It was the best part of the day.

Day 3!

Nick is cured!

We found a "beach"   North Beach!   (Pictures are below, I can't get them to move up)

So we just played around and grabbed some lunch and went to Georgetown for Chipotle haha

Day 4
We made a list of all the things we wanted to do on our last day

Scavenger hunt, go to Alexandria, DC, forever 21, get crepes and a couple more random ones I don't remember

So we headed to Alexandria for lunch and I had a rockin club sandwich- look at that monster!

Nick being Nick....

We found a place to cool off
North Beach
Crabs found on the beach....   which is why I didnt go in the water
Hello 95 degrees...

We did our scavenger hunt and got away with out getting a parking ticket, first time for everything

Ran to F21 and to Georgetown for our favorite place but they were relocating so we decided we should leave.  On our way back we hit a crazy rain storm like the kind you have to pull over on the highway because you cant see, and don't you know one of my windshield wipers stop working.... FABULOUS   But we pulled into a Taco Bell and the day seemed to brighten back up. Thank you Fiesta Potatoes

I will do a separate post of our people scavenger hunt.  it is pretty funny


  1. "Day 3!Nick is cured.. so we head to chipotle" really? Nice choice of restaurant after the guy almost died. haha!! You look fabulous as usual. What nail polish is that on your hands? Miss you!!!

  2. Hahahaha yeah I have no clue why we wanted it! The color is Fiji! And I miss you a ton Debbie!!!!