Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Redneck weekend

Nick and I went down to North Carolina for Fathers Day weekend.  On Saturday after our run Nick and I went to "Scoops" which is an ice cream place in a VW van...

The guy remembered us from last year because of my NY plates.  He and I are from the same area in NY!!  woop woop   

Behind the van is the owners workshop, she makes metal sculptures in his spare time... like the adorable table we are sitting at.

I got to feed baby chickens!!  How cute are they!!!??

This is "Donkey" she protects the baby cows

My first time on a 4 wheeler!!   I fell in love hence the awkward thumbs up I insisted on doing

I Spy Nick's face...

Me with some cows... they were chasing us down to get some food... I may or may not have sprinted out of there

I caught the first fist of the day!

My Second fish
Nick and his nephew William
They caught a salamander 

Sorry for my lack of posting!  I promise I will do better.

Anyone else have a redneck weekend?

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