Friday, February 17, 2012

Awesome and Awkward

  1. Getting yelled at by some grumpy old man for taking a picture before a show starts in a tiny theater... then he threatens to take it away (like I am an 8 year old).  I almost burst into tears... and Nick almost beat up an old man
  2. Boob sweat...  I am not really a sweater... but the girls can let off some steam literally... How attractive is it to watch your instructor only sweat under her boobs hahaha
  3. Olive oil and honey hair mask...  The making of a dread lock (pictured below)
  4. Your boyfriend gets to go to your home town for work... BOO!!!  I want to go
  5. Doing your taxes twice because you know that your refund must be bigger than that... nope  someone didn't do their job correctly and didn't take enough taxes out of my paycheck and now I am stuck paying taxes... THANKS lady... there goes the iPad I was lusting
  6. I made creme brulee but I wasn't a huge fan of it so I set it down... a few minutes later I find my cat chowing down... to 32 grams of sugar... my diabetic cat...  well home girl was literally bouncing off the walls at 2:30 that morning... I could have killed her


This book!!!!!   omg I do not want the series to be over :(
This house in Georgetown that is for sale for 6 million... yeah Nick and I looked it up just for kicks
Honey and olive oil hair mask

Ashley and Kalee came over for girls night!
Ragu at Paolo's in Georgetown...   DELISH
My love note from Nick....
Essie...  Now I can't remember what it is called
Kalee and Boston at girls night!!!

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  1. We need to do this mask soon. What old man is this?! Blah. I can't stand rude people. Thanks for letting me borrow the book. I can't wait to get it started.. XoXo