Thursday, February 2, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


  1. My cat coughs up a bunch of hair balls in my living room and I am too grossed out to touch them that I leave it there for like 4 hours until it becomes a solid... (I lower my head in shame)
  2. Stink bugs...
  3. Stink bug in my room... constantly banging against my light... I look at Cher, look at the bug, look at Cher, look at the bug, realize she won't go do her cat job of killing random bugs so I grab the hairspray... spray the sucker... he falls to floor and I trap him under the top of the Tresemme top... he stayed there two days until I got the vacuum and sucked him up... I will not touch a stink bug
  4. I gave Cher some sour cream last night that fell off of my taco... well home girl had some stomach problems... she let off a few toots last night.. and blew up her cat box... BLEW UP!  good thing it was 65 degrees and I could open the doors cause it was THAT bad.
  5. Watching Insidious... through a blanket
  6. Screaming when the demon pops out of the dad's shoulder... a blood curdling scream 
  7. looking over my shoulder as I brush my teeth, cause I know there will be some weird demon thing behind me that wants to steel my body
  1. Staying up until 1:30 then waking up at 9:30 and reading until 1 to finish reading the hunger games...  I am an addict...   and I want to jump on both Gale and Peeta...
  2. Fiesta potatoes from Taco Bell...
  3. My spin class is now so big that I have to teach a 3rd class... HECK YES..

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