Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It'a a love story...

So I am going to be cliche and tell my love story.

So fall of 2007 I had just started my freshman year of college and I saw Nick in the hallway once.   So this whole time I am dating someone from Rochester until February and we broke things off.  I was a little torn up so my roommate convinced me to join the softball team with her to get my mind off of things.  So I started practice the next week.  Meanwhile I started to hang out with a couple of other guys just as friends.    ok back to softball.   I AM NOT A SOFTBALL PLAYER.  I am terrible.  But the team needed number so essentially I was a bench warmer  haha.

So the outfield coach, his name is Ammon and he is a senior that year.  So one day I am walking from the gym and Nick and Ammon are talking in the middle of the hallway so I am stuck having to walk through them.  Well I ask Ammon "hey what time is practice today" and he answers something I dont really know because I was so worried about not tripping or hitting Nick with my enormous softball bag.

A few days later we are walking back to the bus from a game and Ammon asks me if I am dating anyone.  I say no. He tells me he has a friend who is interested in me...I put two and two together

The next Sunday I got to a fireside at church and the only two open seats are next to Nick.  me and the kid who likes me ... So I am sandwiched between the guy I like and the guy who likes me...  Well all I can say was it was super awkward because both of them were inching towards me with the whole open leg guy sit position and I am squeezed in between them both.  The whole time I am trying to figure out how to slip Nick my number without the other kid seeing.   well it didnt happen

A few more days later we are at church and its the week of spring break.  I am sitting between two guys (one of which was interested in dating me but I was just not into it) and Nick and his adorable family are sitting in the row next to us.  Well I get to watch this cutie pie become a big mush ball with his two tiny nieces on his lap.  So the end of church Ammon runs up to me and tells me to write down my number...  on a gum wrapper... I am one classy lady

Well at this point I am dying to know if he will call.  Thank goodness he is so nice and calls me within two hours of getting my number.  The phone rings.. my heart jumps...  I answer.. and it is the cutest southern accent I have ever heard.  Nick asks me to go to a BBQ with him the next day.  I pause for effect and say yeah that sounds great and I told him where to pick me up.

So thank goodness the other guy was out of town the whole week at a golf tournament cause it was the best week ever!!!    

So Nick picks me up in his little silver sports car and we head over to the BBQ.  It was a sausage fest.  I was the only girl there, so he was so sweet and said that we should go hang out on the front porch.  We talked and ate and talked for like 2 hours all by ourselves out there.  He asked if I wanted dessert.  I can turn that down.  So we head to wal mart grab some ice cream and a movie and head back to his apartment, which was above a flower shop... I thought it was the cutest thing ever!

I have no clue what movie we watched because I was so nervous.  But I do remember Nick slipping his arm around the back of the couch and I spilled ice cream on my shoe hahha.

So he dropped me back off at my dorm and I literally float all the way there, bust through the doors and tell my roommate every detail about the night.

So now I have to worry about a second date.  The next day I get a text asking if I am busy on Wednesday.  Then Nick calls me and asks if we want to go fishing.  and that is when I melted.  hahaha

Here are some pictures of 5 years ago when we started dating and now....

Picture from our second date... He is doing something to the fishing line

The day I left to go back to Rochester for the summer...  He was delivering pizzas haha
Please do NOT judge my terrible outfit or my awful hair color or my face because I stayed out with Nick till 3 that morning

Our first New Years

Last Valentines Day

This New Years

So we go one tons of dates and I also go on some dates with other guys.

First Kiss
 About a month after we met... it was a Sunday and Nick invited me to his place for cheesecake.  We are walking back to his car, he walks me to my side to open the door.  all of a sudden he turns and faces me and gets really close, I almost hyperventilate, he starts to lean down,  I am freaking out with excitement. and BAM  kisses me .... the most perfect kiss... It was soft but passionate... The wind started to blow and it started to sprinkle and my entire body just melted...I couldnt breathe but I didnt care, I never wanted it to end.  I honestly felt like a Disney character... just beaming.    so the romantic woman that I am, after the kiss all I say is ... WHY DID YOU KISS ME AFTER I ATE CHEESECAKE!!!  MY BREATH STINKS!

and I kill the moment... thank goodness after I step into the car... the window is down and he leans in for another smooch.


Pivotal Moments
-Nick asks me to be his date to his brothers wedding... at the wedding Nick takes me out to the car and says "ok.. for this weekend... you are my girlfriend is that ok?"....  uh DUH that's ok

-At Easter, his family had a massive fight and his mom started really crying... Nick just stands there and hugs her until she calms down-   First time the love word started to creep into my mind

-Random day at the gym, he walks by me and something told me "you are going to marry him"   (before we even went on a date)

-a week or two before school is out he asks me to be his girlfriend... I say no....  (reasons:  I have been hanging out with other guys on the side and I have two weeks left of school I do not want that drama. and I don't want to start dating and leave for the summer and have this not work out because we cant see each other)  I only tell Nick that I just don't want to ruin this with distance, and he says that he will come visit me in NY and blah but I don't believe him.   Somehow the boy still keeps hanging out with me

-I am in NY and Nick goes on a camping trip so I cant talk to him for a few days... the days are like torture and that is when I knew I was in love.

-Nick visits me in Rochester in June.  My 7 year old niece tells me that Nick loves me... she can see it...   I tell Nick....   So at the airport saying goodbye, he tells me that Jill is right.  I knew exactly what he was trying to say but I was going to make him say it.  He chickened out

-Two weeks later on the phone, he tells me he loves me

-two weeks later he flies out to NY and at1 am on July 17th he says "I think that you should just date me" hahahaha   and there it is... :)


  1. I love it! Super cute. Haha on the cheesecake scenario! You're too funny.. Can't wait for my wedding invite! XoXo :)