Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Teaching one of my favorite tracks in Body Attack and getting so into it that I pee a little ... true story
  2. You and your co-workers talk about bodily functions on a very regular basis (no pun intended... I'm serious) 
  3. Having a snow storm on Sunday and its 55 on Monday... Welcome to VA
  4. My poor mom has shingles...  :(
  5. My cat is losing a tooth and it is literally sticking straight out of her mouth...  to pull or not to  pull... that is the question
  6. Watching boy movies... I will never listen to Nick again... The Departed was not worth it...
  7. Going out to dinner... waiting 2 hours to get in... and both nick and I end up in the bathroom all night... oh ps  we had a 45 minute drive home... good times.
  8. Gas being $4 a gallon... I need a scooter or some roller blades
  1. Breakfast for dinner two nights in a row 
  2. Body Attack launch!!  I am legit sore from pushing myself so hard
  3. Hello Saturday spin class... you are fantastic to wake up to
  4. Essie nailpolish
  5. Sache Vite top coat (thanks to my sister in law)
  6. When Nick says "do you want to cuddle or watch a show" I say "cuddle"  which means the two of us pass out at 10pm waking up with no recollection of falling asleep
  7. Keratin treatment tomorrow...  excited and nervous!!!


  1. what a cute blog you have! I'm your newest follower :)

  2. These are great! I enjoyed reading about you! So glad to follow your blog girl !