Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beach Glam- It needs to happen

Usually people go bare minimum at the beach.  I was once that girl.  Took off every piece of jewelry I owned.. put on the cheapest flip flops I could buy (thanks Old Navy) and threw on a raggedy T-shirt to walk from the car to the sand.

No More I say!  This is our time to rock the sand.  We are no longer concentrated on building sandcastles and giving our parents near heart attacks, its about feeling great, relaxing and enjoying our vacation away from work and school.

So here is how we glam it up at the beach:

1. Bathing Suit- Don't just buy it because you like the pattern  Not all cuts, styles and fabrics are created equal.   Keep your big girl panties on and try those suckers on.  Now turn around in the mirror.  Is your tush covered?  Is it squeezing funky and giving you rolls?  Do you feel gorgeous?  Ask yourself tons of questions.  You don't want to feel uncomfortable on vacation right?  It is worth it to really shop around until you find the perfect suit.  Some of my favorites are J Crew   They make the most amazing One pieces as well as rockin' bikinis.

J Crew -beach

2. Shoes- A short girl's best friend is a wedge...  The make you look longer and leaner and will make you walk like you own the place.  So stash your flip flops in your bag and wear some wedges to the beach (feel free to take them off when you get near the sand, we don't want you spraining and ankle before you reach the water)
Wedges for the beach

3. Jewelry  - Yes you heard me!   It is amazing how put together you look becomes when you add a large pair of earrings and a few bangles.  Go cheap on these, like Forever 21 and Target cheap.  You don't want to have a freak out if something falls off in the water.  

Beach- Jewelry

4. Cover Ups-   No boyfriend T Shirts for you!  There are so many gorgeous styles out there and you look like a million bucks walking in the beach breeze in a billowing dress.

Beach Cover-Ups

Beach count down- 2 days!!!!!!!!! 

How do you glam it up at the beach?

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