Monday, August 26, 2013

Beach week essentials

In honor of my beach trip starting on Saturday... we are going to have a beach themed blog this week.  Here are some of my essentials... 

Panama hat

I LOVE this stuff.  It gives me enough protection and still lets me get some color.  I love the oil... I feel moisturized instead of a sticky mess from regular sun screen

Sea Bags® for J.Crew medium tote

How gorgeous are these beach bags?  I need to grab a new one for myself... mine have finally kicked the bucket

Embroidered tunic

                                                        Cover up

I love a cute beach cover up... LONG gone are the days of throwing on an old T shirt from summer camp.  It is time to be glamorous out there in the sand

Ray-Ban® original aviator sunglasses

I love the simplicity and unfussy nature of aviators... basically you look adorable and polished while not trying too hard

I need to the towel on the left.  How chic is that pattern?

4 days to go!

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