Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Beauty Favorites

I found this primer through a YouYube tutorial... this stuff is so amazing.  It gives you a beautiful glow.  I love a nice dewy complexion, so if you like a more matte finish this product is probably not for you. 

Product Image

I started using this tinted moisturizer about a year ago after I purchased is from hautelook.  I love it!  I have not found a better tinted moisturizer.  It is nourishing while still providing ample coverage. 

Sun Tan Overnight Instant-Tanning Lotion 8 oz - Medium (SL20020)

I found this from the  MASKCARA blog.  Her tutorials are amazing.  I have been using this tanner for about 6 months and it has finally taken the place of my beloved Victoria's Secret tanner.  It has a green base instead of an orange so I feel like I look so much more natural.  LOVE

Chi Silk Infusion 6oz

I snagged a little bottle of this from a friend and good gracious I love it!  My hair is sooooo silky even in this 100% humidity.  I did read that Chi uses lots of parabens but "long hair don't care"  I need to fight frizz and if rubbing wax into my hair does it, then so be it.

Product Image

This mascara came from shastaanne  I have been following her blog for about two years and her lashes always look amazing so I went and grabbed some L'Oreal and I haven't turned back

What are some other must have products I should try?

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