Friday, August 9, 2013

OCD? No, its called being organized Part 1

Ever since I can remember I have loved having things neat and tidy.  Could it have been my dad was a hoarder and my mom loves to craft? Perhaps.  I used to love buying cleaning and organizing books from Barnes and Noble and putting all my new lessons into action.


Work email-  Once I have completed the task, written back or read the article... it is gone!  if you need it again it will be in your deleted box.  This way I can make sure all my tasks are completed and that I have answered any emails that need responses.  I have very few folders because once something is taken care of ... ITS DONE!

Personal email-  Same...  Once I have answered them back, it is deleted.  Anytime "InStyle" or "Banana Republic" somehow gets there sticky paws on my email address I go right down to the bottom of the email and "opt out"   The less emails I get the more peace of mind I have.

*Ever find yourself getting asked for your email address at Victoria's Secret or J Crew?  Those sales people are sneaky but all you need to do is say "no thanks" and they will leave you alone about it.  Don't feel pressure to hand out your email address because the junk mail will just start pouring in... and enticing you with 40% off one full priced item or a free PINK tote bag.


Clutter=Death from Distraction

I can't tell you how to organize your desk but what I can do is tell you to do it!  It is so refreshing to step into my office and know that it is clean, tidy and my files are where they need to  be.  I don't ever have to be embarrassed when the computer tech needs to fix something.

Step 1.  Prioritize!  What do you need access to the most?  Now is it at the most convenient spot?  What do you not use?  Bobble head dwight?  Candy dish?  58 picture frames?  Use your space to be productive!  Make sure your phone is close to you so you can answer it with out knocking things over or getting annoyed that it is on the other side of your desk.  Do you have pens and paper near the phone to take down messages or are they stuffed in a drawer that you have to dig through piles of chapstick and 5 flavors of gum.

Step 2  Minimize   Picture frames, post it notes, pens, knick knacks...  These all take up prescious desk space that you can use to actually get some work done.   Hang up those pictures!  (Use those 3m sticky things so you don't get in trouble for busting some holes into your walls)  Downsize the post it collection!  I know there are hundreds of colors so unless part of your job has you using 20 different methods of color coding just use one or two... put the rest back in the supply closet you hoarder! :)

Step 3 Organize  Now that you have cleared the clutter and you know what you need to keep near you... you need to organize it so it looks great and is conducive to you getting something done.

There are so many adorable designs for super cheap so PLEASE do not just hop on the staples website and order black plastic trays and pencil holders... Get yourself something that looks pleasing to the eye as well as functions the way you need it to.  Make it YOUR office.  You spend 1/3 of your day  in there, so you need to make it a place that makes you feel comfortable and a place you can enjoy being.

Step 4.   Sanitize!

I do not need to post pictures and statistics of how gross offices can be.  I keep lysol wipes in my filing cabinet and those puppies are used multiple times a week.  I have people at my desk in the evenings when I leave so they have to use my computer, keyboard, pens, chair.... and I don't know where some hands have been so I ALWAYS wipe down my desk in the mornings before I touch anything.  I also keep a bottle of hand sanitizer by my phone, if I sneeze or cough I do not want to infect the people coming in after me.


It amazes me how cluttered and dirty people's cars can get.  Even people with clean houses have dirty cars.  Well not anymore!  You can do this!

1.  If your car looks like a febreeze commercial... filled with old fast food bags, dirty socks and empty pop cans... I want you to drive straight to the car wash after work and drive right up to the vacuums... Throw out all the garbage and vacuum everything...  If you don't want to do it then pay someone... we need to start off with a clean car so you can learn to keep it that way.   When you get back home, grab a damp rag and wipe down all the surfaces, use a credit card to dig the crumbs out of the cracks... get it all out of there.  (Want to hire a professional yet?)

2,  Fast forward to stepping into your clean car.   I want you to drive to walmart or target.  Please buy the following items:

These should remain in your car at all times.  Place the duster in your drivers side door pocket, attach the air fresheners,  stick the armor all in the trunk or glove compartment.and attach your car garbage bag (You may need to look on etsy to find a cute one).

Here is the trick!

1.  When I am sitting at a red light or stuck in traffic I just grab my swiffer duster and 8 seconds later my dashboard is clean.  Make sure to get the vents and other surfaces too.

2.  Every time I am filling up at the gas station, I shake out all of my floor mats and empty my little garbage can

3. Once in a while I will start to notice finger prints on my dash or makeup prints on the door handles so I will grab an armor all wipe and away they go.

4.  Make sure to remove the clutter.  Whether its water bottles, sweaters, donations for goodwill... get it out of there!   It is only going to keep accumulating and people who have to ride in your car don't want to have to sit on your sweaty gym clothes from last week
I do not keep anything in my car.  The only things I keep in my trunk are an emergency kit, my yoga mat and my car vacuum cleaner (Yes this is OCD)  That way there is always room for my groceries, luggage or a shopping haul

That is it!  I NEVER have to deep clean my car and I barely ever have to vacuum it out.  I always get compliments on how clean it is.  This can be your car too!

Let me know if you try any of these and how they turn out!

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  1. I love the tip about wiping the dust off while at a stop light!

    Your post has had me thinking ever since I first read it yesterday...I am not OCD with cleanliness. I like things to be clean but I certainly am not going to stay up late to do dishes. And kids sort of cramp my style when it coems to having a clean car, but that's okay! Anyway, what I'm getting at is that my parents were crazy about cleanliness and expected the world from my brother and me. As such, I not do not care as much. I don't want to be like them :) I just found it interesting how our parents, while completely different, still had a profound influence on us when it comes to cleaning :)