Monday, August 12, 2013

His sweet nothings

I was so nervous that once I became engaged it meant the "chase" was gone and that I would kind of lose my spark- (that was cheesy, sorry).  I am being completely serious,  I see brides becoming insane wedding beasts.  I figured this would be me, and I would soon forget about the poor guy that actually asked me to spend forever with him. 

Not the case!  Nick has just been incredible and has kept my crazy at bay

   It has been a very stressful few months and I have had a few ups and downs and he has honestly been my partner through it all.  He is working really longs days and within that he is getting texts and phone calls from me crying or depressed about life situations and he will always take time away from his schedule to comfort me or to help me replan my life

So here are some of the sweet nothings he has shown me lately and some adorable things I love about him

The day day  before we got engaged when I basically yelled at him for 45 minutes about how he was NEVER going to propose and I was going to leave him for Ryan Gosling -he took me to the Virginia Derby 

His amazing proposal- Took lots of planning and harassment from me in the process
AND he made sure I had my nails done and he bought me a new dress and earrings...

Nick hid this sweet note in my Bible...Found it while I was at church.  The verse he is talking about is verse 2  "That their hearts might me comforted and being knit together in love"

He loves being an uncle and doesn't mind being treated like a jungle gym

He is out doorsy and doesn't get mad at me when I refuse to touch a worm or I rush him to take the hook out of the fish because I feel so bad I just punched a hook through a poor fishes lip.

He is a total mush ball with babies and the babies love him back

If he knows I am having really bad cramps he will always rub my back and doesn't question my need for chocolate

He made us go to McDonald's this weekend just so we could get Monopoly pieces

He is the sweetest and he is all mine!!   It has been a great 4 weeks of being engaged.

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